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                          "So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being"

                                                                                                                                                 Franz Kafka

Personal chef service chicagoIn-home weekly mix & match meal prep plus delivery

Outstanding healthy meals prepared for the week for up to 6 people including 3-5 mouthwatering dishes of 2-6 portions each. A whole week of eating healthy.

This can be very flexible and differs with each client. Maybe you just need a chef for a day? Maybe you need food for one? Just get in contact and let's chat.

A personalized menu will be based around your tastes and needs. Need a specific dietary requirement, need gluten free options, soy free etc? I can do all this for you. A free in-home consultation and chat will help us create a delicious menu catered to you or your family.

I will take care of the grocery shopping as well as the kitchen clean up.

Vegetarian and vegan cooking is the way forward to a healthier you, Give it a try; incorporate it at least once a month. Vegan desserts, raw desserts and my personal recipe healthy guilt-free snacks are sherd secrets to clients.

Personal chef service chicagoPrivate dinner and small-catering

Having a small gathering or a romantic dinner for two? How about a themed night? Hire myself to come to your home and help you have the best healthy tasty night possible.

From 2-20 people. I will look after the menu, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up.

Also. Looking for something completely different? A poetry workshop based around poems and food for 6-10 people. (Coming Soon!)

Small Event Catering

Having a holiday home party, office party, beach party? Looking to make it an out-of-this-world healthy experience? Then let me take control and make it an unforgettable event.

How It Works?

People are eating healthier these days. And the search online for healthy eating is at an all time high. Veganism is on the rise. It’s not a fad and here to stay, growing. Not only is it a better way of life but the food, ingredients, options are damn tasty.

Knowledge is everywhere now but still people cannot find the time to cook at home or for events. And having a personal chef these days is not just for the rich and famous.

Specialized personal chefs now help people eat better. People who want a better lifestyle, want to learn new cooking and recipes, want to lose or gain weight the healthy way.

Odes of Food Personal Chef Service offers you a chance to discover a new world of flavour created from sustainable and locally sourced foods, made into dishes, recipes and personalized menus upon your request.

What we can do together is

  • Schedule a free consultation either by phone, email or one to one where we will discuss and take an in-depth look and what you need and want, any dietary requirements, foods liked and disliked.
  • You will fill out a detailed questionnaire so I get a bigger overview of your preferences and get to know you better food wise.
  • Plan a menu for your approval based on your food preferences, budget, and goals.
  • I'll help you assess the right level of service, appropriate amounts of food, and discuss kitchen, cookware and storage supplies to get a full proof system flowing.
  • Upon cooking day, I go and do all the shopping for the best local and freshest ingredients possible.
  • We will set up a trial cook day. I will come to your home, do the cooking and cleaning for you. If you are happy with the service you can sign up for a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or any service you like.
  • If you hire me I will spend 3-5 hours in your kitchen preparing your meals creating 6-8 dishes based on the menu created.
  • Dishes will be labeled and detailed with re-heating/serving instructions.
  • Your kitchen will be left spick and span, just the way I found it.

All of this for a flat rate of $250** plus groceries – no commitment required: pause and resume service at any time.

Weekly or bi-weekly service is recommended. However, less frequent options are available based on your needs. Need me for a day? no problem.

Other Services Offered Private Cooking Classes. One on One Coaching. Private Catering Events. Dinner Parties for 2-10 people. A poetry workshop based around poems and food coming soon.

Because you are interested in eating healthier. Been more sustainable. Learning new food recipes, ingredients and lifestyle.

Because you want a better feeling in your body and mind, personally or for the family.

Because you do not want to think, do not have the time to create, research, find the right foods to help you. Let Odes of Food do the work for you, help you, even join you, be healthier and have more time to do the things YOU love to do.

Interested? Give Us A Try.

Contact Us to schedule a free consultation for our Personal Chef Service.

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